Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Story (Regarding Music)

I was thinking that instead of just plainly starting to review LPs and whatnot I should tell you a bit about myself first, and how my relationship has been like with music. This will be very straightforward and to the point; it begins . . .

As you may or may not know I was born and raised in Puerto Rico to average " tropical parents (and exteeended family)," meaning tropical music was EVERYWHERE during most of my  childhood and preadolescence. There was no Mozart, no Beatles, no The Doors, no Sex Pistols, no Black Sabbath, no Bowie, etc. But obviously my ears could not have escaped from the enormously famous Michael Jackson and Madonna, I liked them, and Gloria Trevi as well, but not enough to, you know, be a music enthusiast. So when I was six or so I remember having reached the conclusion that music wasn't my thing, I didn't like music, period. Why? you might ask. Because I didn't know anything else existed besides your typical up-tempo tropical beats and average pop music (mostly in Spanish.) Years would pass before I ventured into music again. The junior high period was a time of uncomfortable musical exploration. I devoted those years to playing long RPGs and other video games so there was little time or interest to do anything else. But I was curious about what others were listening to, and guessed I needed to like something too, so I very briefly tried liking their music, which was "underground" (the roots of reggaeton). I asked for a CD as an exchange present and only played it once or twice without ever liking it. I had listened to underground before since it started without ever liking it. I might have thought it would "grow" on me. Well, guess what? It didn't. THANK THE GODS IT DIDN'T. Something similar happened in eight or ninth grade. This time I was "clever" about my selection. I asked for a Blink 182 CD this time. That didn't work out either, although it was much better than the other one, but you know . . . it's Blink. Around this time (seventh grade maybe? 1999) I began to have internet access and my sister started listening to some heavy metal, but I was reluctant to leave my video game dome of doom. I listened to a pop band which I refuse to mention because of some (very) dumb show I ended up liking. I hated myself for liking it. Even more so now. I tried listening to more pop acts but nothing really got to me. Then, the European metal invasion began, either that or I became aware of it at that point: Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish, etc. I wasn't listening to them, but other people in the city were, and my sister soon after. The new millenia brought with it something I finally did like . . . Linkin Park. After LP I rediscovered Rob Zombie during a roadtrip to Cabo Rojo with my sister and her best friend (some sort of sister as well, we've known each other since forever). Rob Zombie was the shit after that. I didn't know how I hadn't noticed before that it was so awesome. The rest is history, I began searching for bands non-stop, and of course also began to notice music was fucking AWESOME. So thank you Linkin Park (yes, Linkin Park) and Rob Zombie, thank you sister and my friend/other sister. Then came the cocoon-like isolation, the "new birth," the satanic labeling, the gossiping, music school, the extremely creative years, the dark years, but that's another story.